El Color de la Selva. Aidan Koch (Tinta nos Nervos)

This is a very different post. As I am involved with the production of this exhibition and the edition of Aidan Koch’s book, while a partner of bookstore-gallery Tinta nos Nervos, in Lisbon, Portugal, instead of writing an exclusive text about this particular project, I’ll share all the materials that were developed for it. Below, you’ll find a video-tour of the exhibition and a video showing the book. Moreover, a copy of the exhibition handout, with the text about it. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we couldn’t put up the new show (with works by French bande dessinée master Edmond Baudoin) and we had to close our doors. Aidan’s works are still on the wall, so passersby can check their beauty from afar… You can also check it, closer though, by purchasing the book here.



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