Key Terms in Comics Studies (Palgrave)

Although limited to the English-speaking world (meaning that if one could in fact quote and integrate other sources, the field would expand substantially), its entries are concise yet thorough, as informative points of departure, and the set draws quite a broad field, interconnected to many other issues and fields.

I am quite honored to have been part of the roster of international comics scholars participating in this excellent book, which I’m certain will become a must-have for Comic Studies approaches everywhere, both for introductory or more advanced levels.

I penned the entries for “Composition,” “Historicism,” “Icon,”, “Scripts,” and “Trauma.”

I want to thank editors Erin La Cour, Rik Spanjers and Simon Grennan for the invitation and trust.

Published by Palgrave, it is available in both print and e-book versions here.

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